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Urrykid Hair Accessories Catalog


The SECRET of Urrykid Hair Accessories' Success

Years of hair accessories making experience tell us that only by paying attention to efficiency and customer’s demand can guide us to avoid detours;

We always put production efficiency and customer needs first. We are looking forward to having a cooperation with you.

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CNC engraving machine
Cut the Sheet As the Shape What We need
Extrusion the Card to Become the Component of Product
Paint the product to make it brighter and create a protective film on the surface
Bond The Two Petals with Special Glue
install spring
Incorporate Elastic Spring Steel into The Snap Buckle
custom logo
Customize Your Logo on The Finished Product by Drawing Lines

This page shows you the general hair accessory catalog of Urrykid Hair Accessory, our hair accessory is mainly made of acetate or acrylic sheet.

Acetate is an eco-friendly and high-performance material, the acetate hair claw with our special green paint has more advantages, for example, this material is very wear-resistant and high-temperature resistant and has excellent drop resistance.

Our hair accessories factory has excellent production equipment, which can meet most of the hair accessories customization needs of customers and process optimization.

We also regularly check the accuracy of the machine to ensure that each hair claw clip is a high-quality product.

Click on the contact us page to quickly get a quote, and get your great quality and eco-friendly acetate hair accessories for your business!

Basic Characteristics and Advantages of Acetate and Acrylic Materials

Light transmittance(Colorless): Acrylic is the highest, resin is the second, and acetic acid is the third;

Heat-resistant case:  acetate> resin> acrylic;

Advantages of acrylic hair accessories: strong plasticity, good light transmission, strong weather resistance, and long use life;

Advantages of acetate hair accessories: light material, good toughness, strong and durable, easy to process and not easy to deform, skin-friendly.

Does your company have anything to add about the process?

Each of our processes is controlled by professional and experienced masters. At the same time, we also have strict quality inspections. Each process is supervised and inspected by special personnel. Each batch of finished hair accessories produced will also be sampled and tested. We have obtained BSCI、ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, this is certification of our hair accessories’ quality.
The above are all the processes that we must go through when making hair accessories, and there are some additional services, such as diamonds and gold inlays on the surface of the products, all of which we can do. In addition, we also provide.

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