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Urrykid Hair Accessories Material

Acetate Sheet to Make Hair Accessories:


①It has various patterns and colors to choose from. It is bright in color and easy to color;
②Easy to grind,  cut and impact resistant, it can be processed by sawing, cutting, impact shaping, drilling, laser, polishing, etc;
③Resistant to hand sweat, oil and dilute acid;
④ Not easy to burn, easy to color after molding at high temperature, not easy to deform.

Acrylic Sheet to Make Hair Accessories:


① Good plasticity, easy to process it into designed parts at high temperature as acetate hair accessories;
②Acrylic hair accessories have good weather resistance and will not change shape due to changes in outside temperature;
③ High impact resistance, can be subjected to pressure or impact, safe and reliable;
④Good transparency.



In terms of colorless light transmission ability, acrylic board> acetate board > plastic board

In terms of heat resistance, acetate materials> acrylic materials > plastic materials

In terms of environmental protection, acetate hair accessories ≈ acrylic hair accessories >> plastic hair accessories


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