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Urrykid - Your Professional Hair Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier

In 2014, Urrykid Hair Accessories was born, at the beginning, we were a small workshop with only a few people (OEM processing), and we just produced and sold hair clips. After that, we grew fast and had our factory in Yiwu, and since then Yiyi has formed a completely mature supply chain, production process, and strict quality management.

After years of development, we not only make hair clips but also other hair accessories such as hair claws, combs, headbands, and so on. This is the advantage brought by the process upgrade of the factory.

The materials we use to manufacture our products are acrylic sheets and acetate material. Why did we choose the two materials? You might ask.

To be honest, compared with iron and plastic, the biggest advantage of acetate material and acrylic sheets is compromise. If plastic is used to produce products, there is bound to be an impact on the environment. If we use steel as the material, the cost will be more expensive, and the color will easily fall off.

Therefore, we chose materials: acetate and acrylic, mature technology, controllable cost, and maximum environmental protection.

There is more room for these two materials to play: jewelry boxes, earrings, brooches, mirrors, and so on. Because these two materials are malleable, they can be used to produce a wider variety of goods. Depending on the acetate treatment method, we are also able to produce many different colors for customers to choose from. We have also obtained many certificates, such as BSCI.

Our website is frequently updated with new color cards, which you can download for viewing and viewing. Every quarter we will design new hair accessories, and welcome you to enquire about price. If you are looking for cooperation, please feel free to Contact Us.

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Milestones of Our Brand

Urrykid was born ,at that time we only made and sold hair clips and claws ,it was a hard time.
Yiwu small commodity market has officially become a world-renowned e-commerce industry gathering place, and our enterprise has developed rapidly.
At the end of 2016, after careful selection, we formally set up our own hair accessories manufacturing factory in Yiwu, and since then Urrykid has formed a mature supply chain.
At the beginning of 19,the monthly production of our factory reached 100,000+.However, the good times did not last long, and the trade disruption caused by the new crown has hit cross-border businesses hard.
After a difficult journey, we finally came to the moment of unsealing, and our hair accessories were sold all over the world, and we won 30 million dollars in revenue in just one year.
We have started building the second website, our retail platform is in the works. Our story continues......


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