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Best Acetate Claw Clip Manufacturer - Provide Personalize Customized Producing Service

Claw clip is one of our main categories. The above product catalog shows all the popular acetate claw clips we have ever produced. We also have some brands of modified styles, and they are all included in the pictures above.

On the one hand, our claw clip product catalog is to show you some interesting or common styles. On the other hand, we use this method to show Urrykid’s factory strength, plate reserves, and advanced technology.

This is the confidence we have as the top claw clip manufacturer in the industry: we can produce 99% of the currency claw clip styles on the market, and while we are making currency, we can also maintain annual customization cooperation with 10+ different ODM customers ( The value of the goods is greater than 100,000$)claw clip manufacturer

We always emphasize the important position of labor in the production process. Many of the orders we come into contact with are for unique custom claw clip designs from different regions or countries. We realize that mass production alone cannot fully express the design inspiration and creativity of our customers, which is contrary to our original intention.

Green environmental protection is also one of the concepts advocated by our company. We have obtained many certificates in terms of materials, production processes, and factory qualifications. This is also a commitment about hair clips and claw clips manufacturing we bring to our customers.

If you have more questions, please contact our email. You can also communicate with us in real-time through the online chat tool.


Is the quality of custom hair claw guaranteed from Urrykid?

Yes, our claw clip manufacturer products and materials have corresponding quality inspection certificates, and our claw clip manufacturer ensures that the material we use has no color fade change in one year. That is thanks to our premium paint protection films. Anything else you are worried about, you can send a message to us and we will reply soon.

However, it is worth noting that since the production process of custom hair claws is always inseparable from manual participation, there may be slight differences between different batches or even different products of the same batch. Don’t worry, the difference in details will not affect the user experience, nor will it cause usage problems, nor will it cause normal use. All in all, this just makes each piece as special and unique as you are.

What's the package of claw clip?

A high-quality claw clip is important, but exquisite packaging can make your product more popular!

Individual packaging: We provide packaging options such as OPP, PLA+PBAT, and cloth bags. After individual packaging, we will use large OPP bags to package ten to twenty hair claw clips as a whole and finally put them neatly in cartons. Lay out the buffer bubble paper, pack it, and send it to you safely.

claw clip cloth bag

Special service: Our PLA+PBAT and canvas bag can be printed logo, you can ask us to add your logo on the package.

We all know the logo can give customers more impression about your brand, it’s necessary to carry out brand marketing and enhance product level on packaging. An exquisite product portfolio can make your claw clip business more powerful!

Does claw clips damage hair?

We all know that the claw clip can pick up a lot of hair with its strong grip and the space inside the claw clip. However, some claw clips with smaller sizes or unique shapes may not be able to perfectly hold all long hair, so a suitable coil hairstyle can try to prevent our acetate claw clip from grabbing and damaging the hair unnaturally.

After our claw clips are polished, the surface is very smooth, and we will also spray paint to ensure that it gives you a silky smooth feel and a perfect use experience.

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