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Urrykid Hair Accessories - Best Acetate Barrette Manufacturer and Supplier

As a professional barrette manufacturer, Urrykid can provide high-quality customization and wholesale services for personalized hair clips. Regardless of color or shape requirements, we have rich design concepts and manufacturing experience to satisfy every customer.

In 2024, we will slightly increase the MOQ of barrette to 60 pcs per color (wholesale or customized). This is an adjustment due to process pressure. Please don’t worry about the price: the more quantity you order, the cheaper the unit price will be.

We have many finished molds. Generally speaking, hairpins do not have a zigzag structure, so most of the time, they just need to be bent. Of course, this mold is only used to manufacture the basic shape of the barrettes. If a custom shape order requires new mold opening, we will charge a mold opening fee.

What kinds of metal materials are available?

We usually use iron, copper and steel as barrette bottom clamp. Iron is the lowest cost and the most commonly used. Depending on your different needs for fading time and material strength, we can also use copper and steel to make it, but the price will increase significantly.

Fading time: copper ≈ steel > iron

In addition, if you need matte paint, etc., we also have specialized processes. For electroplating gold or silver, we will do surface wear-resistant treatment. Barrettes usually retain their color for six months, after which they fade. 18K and 24K real gold can last for a year.

What if my barrettes order is of poor quality?

Suppose the product defect rate is too high or the product defects are not caused by the design. In this case, we offer you a defective product return and refund policy, and you will get discounts and priority ordering rights on your next order.

We are determined not to produce low quality acetate barrettes. We strictly abide by laws, regulations and industry ethics. At the same time, we have more than two strict quality inspections and provide you with the option of inviting professional third-party quality inspections.

But please note that unless the acetate barrettes are manufactured from solid color acetate sheets, the patterns cut out with unique patterns will vary, but please don’t worry, they are not defective products. This just makes them unique.

How to use a barrette?

Open the spring buckle, put the arranged hair in the middle of the barrette, then clamp the barrette and finish (spread hands should I invite Khaby Lame?).

Is Urrykid good at making wholesale barrettes?

We are committed to tracking fashion trends and launching new barrette samples every month to provide inspiration materials and process references for hair accessories companies and designers. We are particularly specialized in making french barrette hair clip wholesale. This simple and elegant French jewelry has a stable and large fan base. As a professional barrette manufacturer, we often receive orders for customized french barrettes. We are very familiar with the production process and have a large number of customers. The shaping mold can quickly produce small batch orders. We also welcome hair accessories companies to maintain long-term cooperation with us.

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