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Urrykid Hair Clips - Your Best Hair Clip Manufacturer and Supplier from China

Hair clips have always been indispensable in the women’s daily handicraft market. Under this category, claw clips that can grab more hair are taking an increasing share in the women’s market.

Whether a small hair clip or a slightly larger claw clip, they are all designed to allow customers to handle long or broken hair easily. This is its practical function, and the plasticity of the acetate material determines that the design elements can be more widely used in women’s hair clips. (Our hair clip page only includes hair clips with metal bottom clips, and we will display hair claws as a separate category for customers to choose from.)

The custom hair clip factory of Urrykid Hair Accessories is dedicated to making high-quality hair clips. Our main products are customized and wholesale acetate hair clips, and we also provide hair clip design services (preliminary work) for you.

There will be no off-season for wholesale and customization of hair clips. Our customers come from various sources, from Amazon stores to Shopify hair accessories stores, from online stores to offline boutiques, and from online celebrities to private designers. Customers from all over the world choose After Urrykid. Our custom and wholesale hair clips are high quality, reasonably priced, excellent craft, exquisite packaging, and considerate service. We have gained the praise of many customers after many years of operation.

We also provide special hair clip accessories wholesale service, like wholesale hair clips for festivals or birthday/wedding plans.
How to make a batch of acetate hair clip in Urrykid's factory?

We wrote in our blog that the acetate material itself will soften when heated, which gives our workers a great operating space to create the basic shape of the hair clip.
The production process of general basic acetate hair clips and light custom hair clips is similar.

Determine the order quantity, select the color of acetate, determine the number of plates, deliver to the factory to cut into pieces according to the image, heat, and shape, splice the bottom clip and acetate sheets, package, and send. (Our minimum order quantity is 100pcs per color)

We have always adhered to the concept of improving internal processes and providing customers with choices.


Do Hair Clips Cause Safety Issues?

metal clip buttomAll the hair clips on Urrykid’s page use metal bottom clips to hold the hair. Generally speaking, metal bottom clips must have a sharp angle structure, but most of the designs of the acetate sheet will cover the bottom clip. sharp parts, thus avoiding most safety problems.

Of course, we still don’t recommend wearing acetate hair clips for younger children. Children may eat small parts by mistake. As a small accessory that is frequently used daily, it is more suitable for any other age group.

Can Urrykid hair clip be sold in European and American markets?

Yes! Our acetate hair clip can of course be sold in European and American markets. As a professional custom hair clip manufacturer, we have certain design capabilities. Urrykid’s design team and factory can design the size and shape of hair clips according to different patterns and produce them. Our eco-friendly hair clips have been sold worldwide.

We’ve got RoHS in the EU market for our hair clips, so don’t worry about that.

We also have product quality certificates and environmental protection certificates related to acetate hair clips for download, welcome to get a quote for your hair clip business.

Is it possible to choose the bottom clip material?

Yes, we provide metal and plastic as bottom clip materials. Metal bottom clips are of relatively good quality and are available in gold and silver. Our electroplating process ensures that the metal color of the hair clip will last long time and will not fade.

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