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acetate mirror is also one of our main products. We are proficient in making acetate pocket mirrors. We usually design and make a capsule-shaped pocket mirror shell first (which makes it easier to hold), and then make holes inside for installing lenses. The acetate pocket mirrors produced by our mirror manufacturer have a long service life and a very stylish appearance.

We provide customized acetate mirror services. Mirrors are relatively more expensive because a mirror uses two types of plates – one thick plate and one thin plate. The thick plate is used as the main body and lens slot, and the thin plate is used as the cover (rotating type)

Optional pocket mirror customization directions

1. Plus customization:
We support customization and wholesale of regular-shaped mirrors and flip-top mirrors (plus version of regular-shaped mirrors), metal frame + acetate case + lens
2. Shape customization
We support free design of the shape of the acetate pocket mirror, including the shape of the mirror and the shape of the acetate sheet (we generally recommend that the shape of the acetate sheet and the mirror be consistent and regular)

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3. Pattern customization
We can provide UV printing services for wholesale mirrors. UV printing can be done on acetic acid or acrylic materials. You can provide the pattern or design material you want, and we can clearly reflect it on the surface of the material.

4. Overall art customization
We support the design and production of irregular pattern mirrors (based on acetic acid materials). This requires you to provide relevant material files and design originals. Please consult our backend for details.

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