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Urrykid - Customize Acetate Brooches Producing Manufacturer and Supplier

As experts in the wholesale supply of custom acetate brooches, Urrykid knows how to achieve the best look with the help of brooches. There is no doubt that a solid-colored brooch adds a formal touch to your outfit style. Throwing it on your coat always does the trick, especially if you’re going to an important event. You will be the brightest star on the red carpet. If that’s not enough for you, try pinning it on your hat. Remember that simple outfits always look extra elegant with the help of brooches.


Don’t want to be too formal? We get it, it’s not every day we go to a super big event. Many people don’t know this, but brooches can also create a youthful and quirky look. Wearing a small, simple cat or chinchilla brooch on your collar will add a touch of sophistication to your look. It’s subtle yet impactful on your outfit. Pinning brooches to pockets is also a fun way to make your casual outfits look cuter!


For all gentlemen, acetate brooches are not just a choice for ladies. Custom brooch manufacturer Urrykid also produces men’s acetate brooches for daily fashion. Boring to wear a black and white suit to an event? Wearing the same shirt to work is even more boring. Brooches don’t always exaggerate your style. A simple custom brooch can make a difference. Just wear a small brooch on your lapel, tie, or cuff. It’s not strenuous, but it’s enough to make you stand out from the crowd.


Contact us for wholesale and custom brooches! Our designers and factory will help you expand your brooch territory.

Can you introduce the history of brooch simply?

A brooch is a piece of decorative jewelry designed to be attached to clothing, usually to hold them together. It is usually made of metal, usually silver or gold or some other material. Often decorated with enamel or precious stones, brooches were often used for decoration or as a utilitarian function as a clothing fastener. Wearing a brooch can also show the dignity of the status. Since fashions for brooches change fairly quickly, they are important date indicators.

Is acetate brooch good quality?

The acetate brooch is a modified version of the original wooden and plastic brooch. Wooden brooch is easy to decay and can’t be preserved well, and everything made of normal plastic breaks easily. These problems can be easily solved by our acetate materials, and The Brooches We Manufactured allows you to avoid many after-sales problems, because they are environmentally friendly and usable ahead of other materials, and the patterns are very attractive.

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