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The acetate material has good wear resistance and flexibility. We will cut the acetate sheet at different depths according to the shape of the acetate comb teeth. This will make the subsequent polishing process much easier. We use a roller for the first polishing process. , then manual inspection and manual polishing, the prototype of the exquisite comb is ready. Subsequent spray painting (environmentally friendly) and air drying followed by a final full body inspection.

Our acetate comb manufacturer will also carefully inspect the acetate comb manufacturer when packaging it, so the rate of defective products delivered to customers is extremely low. We are very confident in ensuring the overall quality of the combs.

Due to the high proportion of handwork, we will also conduct quality inspections after cutting, demoulding, drying, and packaging. This is also the reason why our customers choose us as their long-term comb manufacturer – strict quality inspection and high-quality service.

acetate comb typesetting

As a professional Acetate Comb manufacturer, our hair accessories design and production team can make COMB samples according to your design drawings, as well as brand logo engraving, or practical improvements according to the design drawings, long handle combs with tail hook design, special hanging hole shapes, etc.

Of course, some of the above-mentioned examples include the design improvement of the basic shape of the comb, we can also create products based on some special images or unique elements, and we will also make some suitable suggestions to the customer – about the balance of practicality and aesthetics.

We provide rapid proofing as well as mass production services. Our MOQ is set at about 50pcs per color, and we will select the appropriate color palette combination from the 1000+ acetate color card library as the combs’ raw materials and confirm it with customers before production.

For pricing, please contact us or live chat for a breakdown of the relevant costs.

Custom Comb Manufacturer -- Urrykid

In addition to wholesale production of combs that often appear on the market, we also accept custom comb orders. Customized services include ODM, OEM and existing goods redesign, etc. You could ask us to get your comb manufacturing video, our factory teammate will send you the vlog pieces.

As a professional acetate comb manufacturer, our hair comb design and production team can produce samples based on your design drawings, or make practical improvements based on the design drawings, as well as brand logo engraving, such as long-handled combs with tail hooks. , The shape of the hanging hole is specially designed.

What is the reason for the different patterns of each comb?

This is related to the production of acetate sheets. The predecessor of this board is some small cubes of mixed materials or liquid, which are cut into acetate sheets after being extruded and cooled. This is the material we use for manufacturing comb.

For example, if the position of the black material on a tortoise-shell plate is different, the positions of the black spots on the plate will also be different. The patterns of the various combs produced will not be the same, but they will all be tortoiseshell combs.

But don’t worry, this will not cause any problems in use or appearance, it just becomes a unique high-quality comb in the world.

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