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The Ultimate Guide to Organizing Your Acetate Hair Accessory Collection with Stylish Storage Boxes


Are you tired of searching on your desk or in a drawer for the hair pin or claw clip you want? Unfortunately, after searching, it was a mess again at an extremely fast speed.

How to solve it?

Urrykid’s boxes for hair accessories will be the perfect solution for customers! It not only assumes the responsibility of a storage box, but at the same time it also has enough operating space for us to add some beautiful elements. Of course, individuals can also choose their favorite stickers to decorate the box to make it look more unique.

Why would you choose Urrykid’s boxes for hair accessories?

Material: Acetate is an environmentally friendly raw material that is often used to make hair accessories and other accessories. Urrykid’s designers innovatively designed a hair accessory storage box assembled using thick acetate sheets, which takes into account both practicality and elegance. The appearance also supports the environmental protection concept of sustainable development.

Type: We have developed many styles of acetate hair accessories storage boxes, such as tortoise-colored square acetate box, shell-shaped acetate box, and ivory square acetate box. We can customize boxes for hair accessories starting from color and shape. We are committed to realizing customer designs and bringing you the best box for hair accessories wholesale experience.

Low minimum order quantity: Are you worried that the production cost of acetate boxes is very high? It doesn’t matter, the minimum order quantity for our acetate box is about 50 pieces per color. You can order small batches of products for trial sale. The production time of customized styles is approximately thirty to forty working days, and the delivery time is It may be a little slow, but please rest assured of the quality of our products.

Are acetate boxes durable?

Yes, acetate boxes are known for their durability and resistance to damage. We chose a very thick acetate block as the outer shell, with narrow acetate sheets inside as partitions, and the overall structure is very stable. We’ll spray paint every corner to ensure the color is long-lasting.

How many accessories can I fit in one storage box?

The capacity varies depending on the size and design of the box. Check the product details for specific information.

Do these boxes work for children's hair accessories?

Yes, you can use them for children’s hair accessories. But be careful, please place the acetate box out of reach of children or in a high place. The box is heavy and may cause injury.

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