Urrykid Customer Privacy Policy

Customer’s designs are treated as private trade secrets by Urrykid. As a professional hair accessories supplier, Urrykid is responsible and obligated to protect the customer’s privacy, property and sensitive information from infringement. Infringement actions include disclosure, use for secondary creation or commercial use, etc.

Scope of confidentiality: customer designs and physical products, order information, and cooperation-related information

Customer designs and physical products

The definition of customer design appearing on this website includes design JPGs, product design elements, AI files, and all other traceable design documents or drawings. (Including before and after modification)

Person in charge of customer design-related documents

Connect with salespersons, the Urrykid art team, factory graphics workers, and CNC engraving machine host operators. Urrykid prohibits other personnel from obtaining relevant information except for contact with the appropriate personnel mentioned above. The design documents will be stored as order drawings in the company’s internal management system.

Physical product

Physical products include samples in sample orders, all products in bulk orders, and pre-production samples of bulk orders, etc. Samples of customer sample orders can be sent out separately, bulk goods are shipped according to the actual order quantity, and pre-production samples are sent together with the bulk goods. The quantity of products for bulk orders will not be less than the actual order quantity. If extra products are made from leftover board materials (not included in the order), customers can purchase them together or destroy them.

Order information

Including product number, quantity, preview, order amount, logistics information, etc. The order information is split into cargo information and logistics information. The cargo information only appears in the form submitted to the customer by the salesperson. The salesperson retains the original document and the PDF version of the document, and the customer obtains the PDF version of the form. Customers can check specific information on the selected logistics company’s official website with the goods’ logistics order number.

Cooperation-related information

Legally binding cooperation documents, including confidentiality agreements and subscription contracts, are within the scope of Urrykid’s privacy protection.

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