Urrykid Hair Accessories Hair Accessory Certification

Urrykid Hair Accessories Certification

    During the period of operation in the hair accessories industry, Urrykid Hair Accessories have gradually improved the enterprise management system, quality control and environmental protection have been incorporated into the strategic policy of the overall management of the enterprise;

  In the process of improving corporate management, we have obtained BSCI business social compliance initiative certification (business social compliance initiative), which indicates that we always abide by the code of conduct of the hair accessories industry in our operations;

  As a wholesale hair accessory company committed to achieving high standards and continuous improvement, we have also obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certificate, aiming to improve operations, improve efficiency, and be in an advantageous position in product quality competition;

  Then there is the ISO14001 environmental management standard. After we obtained this certificate, we formally established an environmental protection management matrix to enhance employees’ environmental awareness. Acetate and acrylic are the main environmental protection materials;

  In addition, we also have the EU REACH, which is certified by the European Union for environmental-friendly materials. We always insist on reducing the proportion of harmful substances in the production of hair accessories, which can save you a lot of taxes on non-recyclable materials.

ISCC ROSH ISO-9001 ISO-14001 BSCI Certification


We value our certificates about our hair accessory material or our company and are committed to maintaining their validity. We regularly review and update our certificates to ensure that our products and business continue to comply with relevant standards and requirements. Our promise is that we will always maintain the validity of our certificates and improve our business performance through compliance and quality improvements.

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