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Urrykid High Quanlity of Acetate and Acrylic Bracelet and Necklace Made in China

Custom Bracelet Manufacturer, Wholesale Bracelet Supplier – Urrykid Hair Accessories

UHA(Urrykid Hair Accessories) is committed to providing customers with a wide range of product manufacturing and customized consulting services. Pollux Enterprise has long experience in producing quality and custom jewelry at trustworthy prices and professional service. Established in 1999, Pollux Enterprise has been serving the fashion jewelry industry as a reliable wholesale supplier of custom bracelets to customers around the world.

Bracelets are the strongest segment of the U.S. market and are a growing market. We expect the demand for men’s bracelets to increase and bracelet wholesalers are looking for suppliers to meet the growing sales. Pollux Enterprise is the largest custom bracelet manufacturer on the market.

A new definition of custom bracelet wholesale

When it comes to dressing up in style and making a statement, wholesale custom bracelets have always been the center of attention and the items available at will undoubtedly add an elegant touch to your personality. The wide range of cute bracelets on this site are not only beautiful but are also expertly crafted to ensure top-notch functionality. The wholesale bracelets on this site come in a variety of styles that can be worn in many different ways, even for everyday wear. These wholesale bracelets are available on the website at attractive prices and great value from the most reputable and renowned merchants.

Acetic acid or other metals are excellent materials for women’s bracelets. However, the best bracelet in your category may not fit into one of those categories. As a custom bracelet manufacturer and wholesale supplier, we even suggest that expanding your bracelet collection categories can help you get the most bang for your buck. As with other jewelry categories, choosing the look of multiple items is a complex art. And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to designing them. It’s all about matching the “fit” or “mood of the day.”

On the other hand, a well-chosen bracelet works just as well in these forms: one arm, two arms, or one that looks like it belongs to Wonder Woman. We will recommend projects with substance, such as stone selection, material selection, and size editing.


Get wholesale bracelets at Urrykid Hair Accessories

These wholesale bracelets can come in a variety of colors, patterns, lengths, and stone-set styles, our library of acetate color cards can meet 99% of customer needs, they are suitable for both men and women and are sure to enhance your personality when worn. These wholesale bracelets are made of high-quality acetate material, which is strong, durable, and long-lasting. UHA also offers a wide range of exquisite stone-encrusted styles of wholesale bracelets.

These custom wholesale bracelets from come in a variety of patterns, perfect for creative decorations and weddings. These wholesale bracelets are eco-friendly and suitable for young people. These wholesale bracelets are suitable for a variety of uses, whether you want to stock up in your warehouse or give them as gifts. These bracelets are easy to clean and keep in good condition. From delicate to handmade to personalized, we offer the largest selection of wholesale bracelets made from premium acetate materials designed to last. has a large selection of wholesale bracelets for you to choose from as per your budget and requirements. When you buy in bulk, you can customize these items and they are well worth the money.

What's urrykid's bracelets made of?

Unlike other merchants, we insist on using acetate and acrylic as raw materials, which make the bracelets more durable and feel better to wear, and unlike plastic or metal bracelets, our wholesale bracelets are more environmentally friendly and the color can last longer. The overall performance of acetate is better than acrylic

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