Why are claw clips so popular? Success on Business

In the business world, some products and trends can quickly go viral and become a hot topic of discussion. Claw Clips have become a very popular hair accessory in recent years. What are the business secrets behind its success? Why are claw clips getting so popular? Let’s dig a little deeper.

We all know about the rise and popularity of Claw Clips, but few people have delved into the commercial success of Claw Clips. By reading this article, you will learn a little bit about the business story of Claw Clip and how it succeeded.

You can often see stories online about claw clips and Christian Potut, which was the beginning of the claw clip, about the wonderful combination of palm closure and hair. The spring structure successfully tied the hair together, and as we know the rest of the story, the Claw Clip and some of the hair accessories derived from it have become very popular in the past three decades.

As one of the largest wholesale claw clip manufacturers in China, Urrykid, we analyze the success of this product from a simple business perspective.



Commercialization is an important factor in the survival of everyday products in the market.

Here’s an example: Thomas Edison is the inventor we know as well. The story of his invention of the light bulb has been sung for more than a century, but few people know that the light bulb was not the first to be invented, otherwise he would surely be known as the father of the light bulb. As early as 1801, the British used an electric arc created by two carbon rods to illuminate the invention, and more than fifty years later the Americans improved the invention and was able to use it for a long time – but he did not apply for a patent. A dozen years later, two electrical engineers from Canada invented (patented) a technique for in-light bulb ventilation, which was the first invention that could be called an electric light bulb – but they ran out of money. So this patent was bought by Edison, who had a small family at the time, and after a series of improvements, Edison finally promoted the electric motor and power generation system to finally send light to thousands of households. It’s a beautiful story, right? In fact, most of Edison’s patents originally belonged to someone else, but they were sold to him due to the transfer of his livelihood.


Why did Edison make a lot of money while others didn’t make a fortune from patents? In the case of light bulbs, for example, it is largely due to the fact that the bulbs themselves are expensive to manufacture at the beginning, and there is no environment that can be widely promoted. The filament material of the bulb was finalized by Edison after “1,600 experiments with different filament materials”, the cost of carbonized bamboo filament is low and the life is long enough, suitable for promotion to the market as a commodity, and at that time, European and American society was generally electrified, so most families can use this kind of bulb.


Overall, first of all, the claw clip, like the light bulb, solves the user’s problem. The claw clip is a plan B for tidying up long hair at work or other necessary occasions, it fixes more hair than a hair clip, and perfectly treats long hair at the back of the head. Second, just as the improved bulb solves the problem of energy consumption by setting a brightness wattage gradient, the claw clip also adapts to the needs of different groups of people in terms of size and other details. Thirdly, the initial claw clip was made of plastic, which had a short service life and was difficult to meet customer needs, which is why the claw clip rose and declined for a period of time after its invention. Nowadays, the development of acrylic and acetate processing technology, which can meet people’s needs for color and longevity, so acrylic and acetate have entered the hair accessories market and gradually dominated. This is also one of the opportunities for Claw Clip to make a comeback.


Social Media

Social media is a close link between users and users, users and enterprises, and enterprises and enterprises


The 21st century is also the period when the Internet trend is at its most prevalent. Completely different from the previous company’s promotion method, now companies are more interested in allowing users to produce their own content, or influence fan activity through celebrity effect.

Social media provides a channel for Claw Clip to quickly get the word out. In particular, well-known brands or fashion bloggers can quickly gain a large number of users around the world, and their posts, recommendations or other behaviors can often attract the attention of fans to retweet and emulate. This is also the role of social media for businesses: to promote everything about the company.

Social media can provide feedback on product data for businesses. Users can like, comment or share the post, and they can express their preferences or dissatisfaction with Claw Clip products through this interactive way, make suggestions, etc., and these interactive feedback can help brands or enterprises understand customer needs, adjust product strategies or improve product design in time, so as to better meet market demand and bring benefits.

Claw clip is a type of everyday accessory, and it is often featured as a component element of social media posts. The visibility of Claw clips has increased dramatically, which has also attracted fashion bloggers to actively or passively share how to use it or how to use it. For example, the flat claw clip developed by Teleties is specially suitable for lying down or doing yoga, or the claw clip quality challenge initiated by Godess (stepping on the foot or falling from the stairs), and some individuals wearing the fashion claw clip for street photography, these information obtained from Intagram or Youtube, As far as I know, they often invite people like beautiful models for street photography or fashion bloggers to review, which not only attracts good word of mouth for the brand, but also promotes claw clips to more people. This is the working mechanism of UGC, that is, as an extension of brand promotion, it helps brands establish benign and intimate user relationships and enhance customer stickiness.

In addition to content sharing, today’s social media platforms have also developed the concept of social advertising and social shopping. The company will put the main Claw Clip in the form of advertisements between the posts, and users who are interested in Claw Clip products will see this ad on the homepage. With the ability to insert product links into posts, social shopping shortens the time it takes to make a purchase decision and accelerates the sales process for Claw Clip.


The power of the brand

Tiffany Ju, the founder of Chunks, once said in an interview that Chunks was able to show people how to express themselves in ways other than bold makeup and energetic dye work. Their distinctive checker claw clips have been sought after by fans around the world since their inception in ’19, and in just one year, they have achieved a miracle of tenfold business growth. Obviously, their ambitions don’t stop at selling acetate claw clips with unexpected colorways, and the Chunks team prefers to spread the brand’s message on social media: Chunks Was More Than A Fad.

Another example is Coucou Suzette from France. What makes Coucou claw clips unique is their humorous element, founder Juliette’s creations are often based on expressive animal figures and other pleasant motifs, while the other collections she designs are also provocative and explicit, especially the boob collection, which has become one of the brand’s hallmarks and has won Coucou a large number of fans. Obviously, this down-to-earth and more French free and romantic design style is very popular with the French fashion industry, and the combination of daily necessities and unique and interesting designs has also made it gain a large number of loyal fans. This shows the impact of brand image on the explosion of products.

As a professional claw clip supplier

We’ve been in the hair accessories business for many years. From one small room to several factories now, we have experienced a lot and witnessed the development of this industry, from making the simplest square claw clips and rectangular claw clips (of course, there are many people who like this kind of hair claw clip with a regular shape and simple style), and now there are a lot of designers and entrepreneurs who come to us to customize their own claw clips.

Our entry point is that more and more people with ideas want to express their individuality by designing claw clips, so in addition to some regular styles of wholesale, we have developed and developed the business line of custom claw clips, of course, it takes a lot of time and energy, because our team needs to constantly accept the customization needs from different customers, which is not a small challenge, but I believe we can overcome it.

We try to do our best with our custom services and try to have fun doing it. After all, our industry is not like high-end iPads or rockets. We are committed to building a relaxed and pleasant communication environment, whether within Urrykid or communicating with customers. We are happy to incorporate customers’ wishes and creativity into claw clips, and give the products exquisite details and excellent craftsmanship. For us, your satisfaction is our biggest motivation.


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