What is the market with hair accessories?

Traditionally, hair accessories were invented to handle large amounts of hair that have nowhere to be placed. With the progress of the times, people’s understanding of hair accessories has expanded, gradually forming a rich multiculturalism, and accompanied by a vibrant emerging market.


Market size


According to research by Grand View Research, the global hair accessories market size will reach $31.6 billion by 2028, and GVR noted in the report that the growth of the hair accessories market is attributed to the growing favor of fashion products that is not only practical and universal but also give hairstyles a fashionable appearance. The growing acceptance of attractive design ideas and the various subcultural elements driven by fashion trends have led people to buy stylish and practical hair accessories associated with them.


Social media influence


The report also pointed out that Internet social media plays a pivotal role in the dissemination of the hair accessories market. Beauty bloggers, social media big Vs, vlog bloggers on Ins and YouTube often wear beautiful hair accessories to show in videos or pictures, which leaves a deep impression on passers-by and fans who see this picture. A large number of millennials are following internet celebrities and superstars to learn about and improve their skills in personal grooming, makeup, and fashion, or to imitate them to bring them closer to these high-impact individuals. Over the past few years, consumers have also shown a preference for easy-to-use products.


Market segmentation


The original hair accessories market was mainly aimed at women of all ages, and it varied from country to country. After years of development and evolution, the role of hair accessories has changed from traditional daily necessities to functional fashion items. According to the type of hair accessories, it is divided into jaw clip, claw clip, comb, etc., and according to the material used, it is divided into plastic, acetate, metal, and resin hair accessories, etc., the different shapes and sizes will also bring different use experience and feel. Earlier, products made of rubber and leather occupied most of the market. In order to provide customers with a better user experience and increase the artistic design of the products, we explored acetate and acrylic materials as raw materials for hair accessories.


Urrykid Hair Accessories, as an experienced professional acetate hair accessories manufacturer, can also subdivide the types of acetate hair accessories. According to the different design elements, it can be divided into 2D and 3D customized hair accessories, and according to the different colors and patterns of more than a thousand plates, we are able to distinguish more kinds of hair accessories, such as tortoiseshell claw clip, plaid claw clip.


Overall, the hair accessories market has gradually developed into a huge and growing industry, driven by consumer interest in hairstyling and decoration and optimization of production processes. The diversified products, materials, and distribution channels it provides make it an emerging industrial chain attractive to both businesses and consumers.


Data source: https://www.grandviewresearch.com/industry-analysis/hair-accessories-market


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