What is an acetate hair clip?

Acetate hair clip refers to a hair accessory made of acetate material. Acetate is a type of plastic derived from natural sources, usually cellulose. It is commonly used in the production of a variety of fashion items including hair accessories, eyeglass frames, jewelry and more.

Acetate barrettes are generally lightweight, and durable, and can be styled by us in different sizes and shapes. They can be solid colors, or with patterns, colors, or other decorative elements. For this, Urrykid has over 1000 acetate color choices. For more color card pictures, please visit the color cards page. Bobby pins are often used to hold the hair in place, whether it’s a simple updo, a partial updo, or a full hairstyle.

Acetate hair clips are popular for their stylish looks and ultra-high durability. They can be worn as elegant and stylish headgear while being unparalleled in functionality. These hair clips are often incorporated into fashion elements and can be used for various occasions.

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