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Urrykid - Professional Acetate Hair Accessories Manufacturer and Supplier
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Urrykid has thousands of acetate and acrylic colors to choose from, most of which can be applied to your hair accessories. Provide customized service.

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Urrykid accepts sample orders. ODM、OEM service, and various levels of customization services. The minimum order per color quantity is 50PCS.

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The Urrykid website accepts your inquiries 24 hours a day, and we have a dedicated business department to provide you with the information you need.

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We are one of China’s best cross-border hair accessories manufacturers and suppliers. Our company has been established for nine years.

Our factory now has more than 70 workers and six workshops, which can supply up to 80,000 products a month, our business scope includes not only traditional hair accessories(hair claws, hair pins, barrettes, and so on) but also mirrors, combs and other daily items.

Over 1000 colors inventory can be used and we provide personalized color& pattern& logo customization services.

We have obtained a number of quality inspections and environmental protection certificates, such as BSCI, ISO9001, and ISO14001. We have also participated in many international exhibitions.

Whether you want to find a stable and high-quality supplier for your business, or you are a designer operating private design, Urrykid is your best acetate hair accessories supply solution.

We are ready to become your professional hair accessories manufacturer and supplier.

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Urrykid Hair Accessories -- The One-stop Manufacturer & Supplier for Hair Accessories

As an expert hair accessories manufacturer & supplier from China, we are committed to producing high-quality, multi-color acetate hair clips, claw clips, and other products, we also have rich experience in personalized customization and can help you design and manufacture the products you want.

1: Over 8 years of hair accessories manufacturing experience;

2: ISO 9001, ISO14001, ROHS, BSCI, and some other certifications protect your business;

3: Owning the entire production process facility, we are a professional hair accessories supplier;

4: Strongly endorse personalized service for hair accessories customization;

5: We have over 1000 color choices in stock and customizable color options for our products.

If you have further questions, you can quickly fill out a form and send it to us, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.


Process Display

CNC engraving machine

It is designed and typeset through a dedicated engraving software in the computer, and then the finished product information is transmitted to the engraving machine controller, and finally, the acrylic and acetate sheets are cut by laser

hydraulic machine

The engraved sheet can be plasticized on a press machine as a part of the target hair accessory product. There are two kinds of pressure machines we generally use, hydraulic press and air press



hair claw spring bulk

After each part of the hair accessory is prepared, it is assembled by an experienced old technician. Point drilling, line drawing, logo printing, adhesive lamination, every detail reflects our rigorous and professional working attitude, just to give you a better ordering experience




Hot Sale Color Cards

We have over 1000 of acetate colors or patterns of panels to create your hair accessories, we have selected three hot-selling products for you to choose from, and we can also provide you with personalized customization services


Leopard Acetate Color
Blue-and-white porcelain acetate
Emerald acetate
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Questions you may be concerned about

Here are the questions you may want to ask during the purchase process. If you have other questions, please fill in the form or send us an email.


Whether to undertake customized services? What is the minimum minimum amount?

Yes, we accept personalized customization and free design.

Our minimum order quantity is usually 50 pcs for each color.

Does Urrykid Hair Accessories support multi-color mixing of hair accessories?

Of course we can make it, whether or not you mix colors will largely depend on the acetate sheet pattern you choose. We have a large reserve of mixed color plates. Welcome to customize. You can also choose two or more different acetate colors to mix and match. I think such customized hair accessories can also make people’s eyes shine. It’s eye-catching


Will the goods be shipped free of charge?

If your area is on one of our popular routes, we will be glad to cover postage, depending on the distance. If not, we will give you a discount based on your location.


Urrykid Hair Accessories -- Your Best Custom Hair Accessories Manufacturer


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    We will launch more than one new product of hair accessories every quarter. If you would like to receive a quote for a product or to obtain a complete quotation form, please fill out the quick form above or contact us directly by E-mail, phone, etc.    Contact Us→


  • hair accessory quick sample production
    Quick Sample Production

    We have established a separate sample line, equipped with a full set of hair accessories production equipment, which can quickly produce customers’ customized samples and self-designed new models. For more details, you can ask our customer service.

  • Acrylic Sheet
    Acetate Sheet

    The main part of acetate sheet is extracted from the pulp of plants, and one of its good advantages is that it is natural, non-toxic harmless, and environmentally friendly. Compared with plastic, it has significant advantages in toughness, gloss, texture, etc., and now acetate sheet is widely used in the hair accessories industry and favored by high-end enterprises in the industry.     View Color Cards→

  • BSCI
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001
  • ISCC
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