What are the types of hair clips? What is it used for?

With the acceleration of the pace of society, traditional cumbersome braiding is no longer the only way for girls to deal with hair. Various claw clips on the market provide girls with more convenient and more beautiful solutions.Now let’s get acquainted with these hair clips briefly.

(1) In general, claw clips are generally divided into two sizes: large and small. The large (7-10 cm) clips are for all hair and can be used to tie hair; while the small top clips (3-6 cm) are suitable for clipping part of the hair and part of the hair

(2) The vertical clip is also called the banana clip (the shape is arc-shaped, and the hair is clipped upright)

(3) The claw clip is divided into side claws and full claws (the big claw clip is suitable for curling hair, and the small claw clip can be used as a top clip, that is, when the hair is draped, a small part of the hair is clipped)

(4) Sharp mouth clip (commonly used for curling hair)

(5) Hair extensions are divided into insertion combs, coil combs, and hair forks. (The comb can be used as an embellishment when the hair is in a bun, or it can be used as a top clip, that is, a small rubber band is used to tie half of the hair, and the comb is inserted on the rubber band. Combs and hair forks are often used in buns. Compared with combs, forks , the hair fork has single fork and double fork, and the comb is generally seven teeth)

(6) Headbands (often used to put some broken hair or blobs on the forehead behind)

(7) Pair clips (divided into single clips and pair clips, which are further divided into: side clips, flat clips, frog clips, duckbill clips, BB clips)

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