Some points you need to know before you start custom claw clip business!

If you are an Amazon hair accessories store, a retail store on Etsy, or you have your own Shopify site, then you must read this blog carefully! The hair accessories manufacturer will list in this blog eight reasons why you must have your own custom claw clip.

Before we start, let’s confirm the meaning of the custom claw clip: the meaning of this phrase is different from the common wholesale styles on the market. Claw clip manufacturers usually believe that custom service can be carried out from three aspects, namely color, shape, and size. There are also many detailed customization options, such as logo customization and accessories customization.

Strengthen your brand value

Whether you want to engrave your logo on a classic tortoise claw clip or create a unique animal claw clip from a design drawing, these methods can deepen customers’ impression of your brand or unique elements. Imagine that you wore a Halloween ghost claw clip that no one has seen before and participated in today’s Halloween event. Apart from the candy and ghost faces, everyone is very curious about where you can buy your creative claw clip. What do you want to know? Everyone recommended the store and the brand spread. And when brand promotion reaches its peak, when you can be recognized by passers-by on Street Snap and say, “Wow, this is the claw clip of xx”, then your market has succeeded.


Enhance your claw clip category

Whether you mainly sell hair care products or have been in the hair accessories industry for many years and have accumulated a certain number of loyal customers, when a new custom claw clip appears on the homepage of your online store, anyone who passes by your website will Everyone’s eyes will light up. Does the fashion custom claw clip continue the original overall color style of the store, or does it hope to break the rules? No matter which one you choose, the outstanding shape design and unusual color style will help you gain a greater advantage in the market competition.


Great quality claw clip helps you to get a good reputation

Urrykid claw clip manufacturer has a professional manufacturing factory and design team. We understand customer needs and design them into reality. We are committed to creating high-quality green claw clips. Our improved technology and multiple production lines ensure the efficient completion of order production. After the production process, we conduct two quality control steps and finally package and send them to customers. We promise our acetate claw clips are durable in use. When you receive our exquisitely packaged claw clips, you are already one step ahead of the fierce competition.


Strengthen subcultural integration value

Urrykid is an acetate claw clip manufacturer. We all know that acetate material is an environmentally friendly material, and its main component is plant cellulose. Urrykid Hair Accessories has always adhered to the concepts of green production and green development. We have always been closely integrated with the concept of environmental protection. We also advocate the implementation of environmental protection concepts to customers and actively purchase our PLA+PBAT packaging with our custom claw clip.
Different design elements will also bring different visual effects and give value, such as a shell claw clip with a circle of pearls surrounding it, a bat claw clip with a ghost face carved into it, or a liquid claw clip that resembles graffiti.


Pay attention to the practicality of the claw clip design

Many of our customers have design capabilities, and they will hand over their hand-drawn designs to us to confirm the production details before sending the order. This is great because our communication will go much smoother! 99% of the pictures we receive are very thoughtful and our design team is full of praise for your pictures. However, our factory masters have a very important pre-work to confirm the practicality of the custom claw clip. Some claw clips have a gripper that is not long enough, and some may hold too little hair. After the design drawing is confirmed or the sample is completed, we will try our best to retain the original design elements, make practical improvements based on this, and then confirm mass production. We are not only responsible to our customers but also to our customers’ customers.


Choose a professional supplier

You can get cheaper but lower-quality claw clips from other places, such as Temu’s vendors or wholesalers on Amazon. Even some of their styles are suspected of plagiarism but are still sold.
This may expose you and your claw clip business to legal risks and serious after-sales problems. Therefore, you need to carefully select a claw clip supplier with certain qualifications. This matter can be inspected from many aspects: various certificates, company staff size, hair accessories category, process flow and product quantity, customer service attitude, etc.

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