Some Common Problems and Solutions When Customizing Acetate Hair Accessories

Some common small questions about custom hair accessories

Although our custom hair accessories manufacturer’s acetate hair accessories, the defect rate of most of them keep below 3%, and we have many times passed the third-party quality inspection experience. The quality of our products can meet the needs of most customers, but if there are some basic problems when receiving your custom hair accessories from other hair accessories manufacturers, we offer some simple solutions for better quality acetate hair accessories.

Question 1: The teeth of the sticky claw claws are not glued firmly and fall off
Answer: AB mixed glue 1:1 mixed and applied it to the seams

body and teeth parts of acetate hair claw
Reason: Urrykid usually confirms the existence form of acetate teeth with customers before making claw clips. We generally provide two solutions: conjoined teeth and bonded teeth. As a whole, such conjoined teeth will not have bonding problems, but the bonded teeth are different. The bonded teeth are acetate sheets and the teeth are two separate engrave solutions. For the bonding step, we usually use a special mixed solution (containing a small amount of acetone, and acetate adhesive), but because the custom hair claw will inevitably squeeze each other during transportation after packaging, or some manufacturers use the acetate adhesive If the quality is not up to standard, there will be a small probability of tooth loss. At this time, only AB glue (a very common super glue on the market) is mixed and applied at the seam at a ratio of 1:1. AB glue is also suitable for the situation where the custom hair clip acetate sheet and the metal bottom clip fall off.

Question 2: acetate comb tooth scraper
Answer: Use a scraper to trim off excess matte

acetate comb teeth

Reason: There is a painting process in the manufacturing process of Urrykid hair accessories. This step is a manual operation because machine spraying cannot achieve a uniform paint surface. The function of the paint film is to add a protective film to the acetate material and prevent various impurities from entering the acetate. Minimal crevices, staining their original color. However, due to the uncertainty of manual painting itself, such as dust in the factory environment, the paint may wrap the dust on the surface of the acetate comb during painting, which will cause the tip of the comb to feel extremely bad after the paint dries and may even be damaged. Damage the customer’s hair. After the custom acetate comb is finished, we will manually screen and pick out the defective products and repair them with a scraper until they reach the level of good products. If you receive a bad acetate comb from another hair accessories manufacturer with similar problems, you can use a utility knife to cut off the excess thorns without affecting the appearance, and it will be fine.

Question 3: The splicing of acetate material is not firm
Answer: Send back the wrong item to us for redoing

8.5cm Matched Cloud Claw Clip
Reason: Our acetate claw clips sometimes use the splicing process to combine two or more acetate sheets of different patterns or colors into a whole. The principle of the splicing process is actually two pieces of acetate boards are hot-melted because the melting point of the acetate material is very high, so it is not easy for customers to reach this temperature and it is not easy to control, so we will redo a batch of acetate hair with better quality The accessories are then mailed to the customer. However, we are trustworthy in terms of advanced technology and strict quality inspection. Up to now, no customers have complained to us because of this problem.

Question 4: Claw clip off the drill
Answer: send back for a redo

rhinestones hair claw clip
Reason: In our hair accessories factory, we will carve out the pits of rhinestones during engraving, and then use ultrasonic waves to drive the drills into the pits one by one. When the external force is small, the drills rarely fall off. Because the effect of the ultrasonic wave is to vibrate the rhinestones in an instant and then convert it into heat to melt its surface and stick it on the surface of the acetate hair claw so that the two are tightly combined. The rhinestones used by other ordinary factories are inferior and cheap, and they are shoddy. We have our own rhinestone suppliers, so there is no need to worry about this situation.

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