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Small Hair Claw

Urrykid’s small hair claw collects claw clips with sizes smaller than 6 in the product catalog. When distinguishing our claw clip products by size, in addition to miniaturization in visual effects, we also use a smaller size for the spring buckles and springs that connect the structure.

Compared with claw clips of other sizes, Small hair claws have fewer places for processing, and it is more difficult to design and add three-dimensional elements. Therefore, we prefer overall designs, such as small animal claw clip designs, based on different festivals. Themed claw clip design, or some other specific image claw clip design. Of course, the above are all based on the customer’s desire to customize some unique small claw clips. We can also provide wholesale services for basic small claws, such as some classic small square claw clips.

Differentiating claw clips of different sizes is also to serve people with different needs. We know that people’s hair volume and hair hardness are different. Large-sized claw clips are suitable for people with large heads or thick hair, medium-sized claw clips are the most versatile, and small-sized claw clips are suitable for people with less hair. Therefore, we often design some mini claw clips for girls. Children cannot resist those mini claw clips that look very cute and have bright colors. This is also one of the directions in which we design new custom claw clips.

At the same time, we will consider quality issues. The small clip claw uses less acetic acid material, which is more durable than ordinary plastic claw clips, and the overall structure is relatively more stable and not easily damaged. It has greatly improved product performance while appropriately increasing processing costs. This optimization is not only a successful case of new material application in daily necessities, but also a major proof that Urrykid has advanced technology in the hair accessory manufacture industry.

About Urrykid's hair claws detail?

Urrykid is a professional hair claw manufacturer from China. We can produce different sizes of hair claws from 2.5 to 7. You can choose different processes for the painting like a custom logo or printing, also you can have your own idea about hollowing or not, For rhinestone choice, we can use diamonds made in China, Czech diamonds, or Swarovski’s.

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