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Best Rectangle Claw Clip - Urrykid Great Design

Rectangle Claw Clip – classic hair claw collection from Urrykid hair accessories. We select some rectangle claw clips with good design elements. As a professional claw clip manufacturer and supplier, there are so many ways we can give our rectangular claws a new look. For example, we can add some interesting stuff on the large rectangle claw clip or draw some patterns on the surface. You can take a look at our printed flower rectangle claw clips, or use the milky color acetate board.

Some of our customers like to hollow out the claw clips. This will actually be the future development trend of claw clips. Hollow claw clips use less material and cost less; more practical: lighter weight and better air permeability.

We also optimized the manufacturing process of the rectangle claw clip, we noticed that the claw clip teeth and the cross section will form a sharper angle. We have passivated the edges and corners of the claw clips during the heating operation, which can improve some user experience. This has a lot to do with the high plasticity of acetate materials.

Do you have eco-friendly material and packing plan?

Acetate is a world-recognized environmental protection material. We follow the concept of green and environmental protection, and our hair accessories will avoid harm to the environment as much as possible. Therefore, our team launched a complete set of environmental protection plans of green raw materials + green paint + green packaging.

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