PLA+PBAT Blended Packaging Joins Urrykid’s Custom Packaging Plan Family

Hello everyone, this is Urrykid Hair Accessories. We are very happy to add a new member to our packaging customization service. Our original service can provide OPP bags of different specifications for product packaging. OPP bags are traditional plastic bags. They are colorless, odorless, strong, tough, and transparent, but they degrade slowly and cause pollution to the environment.

After visiting and studying a glasses packaging company in Shenzhen, Urrykid Hair Accessories officially adopted PLA+PBAT blended packaging as a new member of customized packaging. Since the mixed material is made of degradable raw materials, it has excellent biodegradability, and will generate carbon dioxide and water and other environmentally friendly substances after decomposition, so the pollution to the environment is greatly reduced.

This kind of packaging bag is relatively flexible, has a certain tensile strength, impact resistance, and chemical stability, and can effectively protect the hair accessories in the package.

Now you can find and choose the customized packaging PLA+PBAT option in our updated hair accessories details page, we will conduct trial packaging according to your order quantity and other factors, and you can confirm the packaging effect through video and other methods. Choose the most environmentally friendly packaging and be one step ahead!

PLA and PBAT-related research and market reports:

A brand-new type of biodegradable plastic bag material called polylactic acid (PLA) is manufactured from corn starch, which is a sustainable plant resource. It is recognized as an environmentally benign substance since it has strong biodegradability, can be entirely broken down by microorganisms in nature after usage, and ultimately creates carbon dioxide and water without harming the environment.

PBAT materials have the potential to be both compostable and biodegradable, making them an effective tool in the fight against white pollution. The membrane materials utilized while recycling biological waste in the biocomposting garbage facility are the biodegradable garbage bags made by PBAT. They are mostly utilized in entirely biodegradable packaging bags, such as shopping bags, rolling trash bags, pet waste bags, electronic device packaging bags, food packaging bags, plastic film, etc.

The use of PLA, PBAT, PHA, PCL, PBS, and other biodegradable plastics in disposable tableware, packaging, agriculture, cars, health care, textiles, and other areas is opening up new prospects for market growth, driven by environmental protection legislation. Modified materials for biodegradable plastics and associated additives, such as longer chains, anti-hydrolysis agents, toughening agents, nucleating agents, and antibacterial agents, will also undergo a fresh cycle of innovation.

Ranking second and third, respectively, in the global market for degradable plastics, PLA and PBAT accounted for 25.0% and 24.1% of the market. The three together account for nearly 90%, and are currently the mainstream degradable plastic hair accessories. From a global perspective, the technology is relatively more mature and the development prospects are the brightest. With the gradual maturity of PLA and PBAT technology, the cost continues to decline, and the expansion of production capacity, the main growth point of degradable plastics in the future will focus on PLA and PBAT. Starch-based materials will become fillers for plastics such as PLA and PBAT, which will reduce costs. The packaging materials made of blends of these materials have been valued by our company.

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