Special hair clip accessories wholesale service

Hello, everyone! This is Niko

To be honest, my teammates and I came up with the idea for wholesale hair clips online by accident.

“Hay Demi, how’s your daughter Lily’s birthday?””HMM, it’s nothing more than taking her to eat cake and some favorite snacks, you know – she loves good food. We also bought a dress that looked good, at least she was happy.”

“By the way, then you can pick a few acetic hair clips from our company for her, that’s a good gift idea right?””Can I take Coucou’s then?” “Oh my god please choose another one.But maybe we can provide some services like this? Make some unique and little cheap hair clips/claws for children’s birthdays or some important days like that, yeah.””I totally agree.” “Ok, let’s do this.”


Birthday party plan


So let’s start. My original idea was to have unique hair clips for every kid at the party, children birthday hair clipslike some cute animals or different ghosts clips brabra that we made, like that, but considering the production cycle would be a bit long,,, not the same, but not so different, so we will use some different acrylic/acetate to make the same shape hair clips for bir/wedd/festival parties.

For example, we have a very beautiful acrylic sheet with a gold background (a bit like cream). Acrylic sheet with sequins, and many store owners who specialize in children’s jewelry have ordered several batches of hairpins made of acrylic material with this pattern. I mean, if we do, we’d be happy to make a batch of similar products for party hair accessories, with girls wearing gold hair clips and boys wearing them. Blue, yes, blue hair clips, I think it would look good 🙂

Wedding plan

This special accessories hair clip wholesale plan aims to help everyone who participates in the event to have a sense of participation, and both men and women can wear our shiny hair clips, so I think it will be more fresh and fun, hair clips for bridesmaida bit like a dress-up interactive game, the bridesmaids wear the same acrylic hair clips, maybe the men can also try the hair clips that girls use to manage their hair, I think this is also a very novel experience for them.

Because we have a lot of color cards, we don’t recommend that customers go and look for them one by one, it’s too time-consuming!And we thought about that, so we will find some colors that most of our friends and adults like to choose from, I think it’s good because you can use the acetate hair clip for a long time during the event, and it won’t look old-fashioned.

Our MOQ is 100pcs per color, which means that there is a good chance that one or two of our beautiful hair clips will be distributed to each child, and there is a good chance that there will be some left, so you can give them as gifts to the event attendees. All in all, it’s important to be happy right? That’s the main meaning of our hair clip wholesale.

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