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Best Hair Claw - Urrykid Provide Personalize Customized Producing Service

This page includes some acetate hair accessories shaped like ovals. As a shape that is not particularly complex and has soft lines, we can use CNC engraving machine to cut the acetate sheet easily.

We can design oval comb, oval shape hair claw, oval hair clip and so on, welcome to visit our hair accessory catalog.

If you want to order some oval hair clips(for example, MOQ: 50pcs per color), we strongly recommend customers to choose thick acetate board, because it can easily control the thickness of the oval hair clips you want, and if you want to engrave grooves or customize logos on the surface of the hair clips, the thick board can completely guarantee the defective rate of the oval hair accessories at a very low level.

So what are you waiting for, come and buy our oval hair accessories to expand your hair accessories business!

Urrykid Hair Accessories

About Urrykid oval hair clips detail?

Our oval hair clip use special producing processes: after cutting the acetate sheet as some pieces of oval acetate , the craftsman will use a special mold to plasticize the cut oval hair clip. After being baked by a special machine, the oval hairpin pieces will be folded at a certain angle and fixed. Oval claw clip is a very potential type. We can add rhinestones and drawing lines on its surface, you can also request for custom personal logo on the handle or somewhere else of oval hair clip.

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