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Medium Hair Claw

Medium hair claw clip page – one of the Urrykid’s catalog pages of medium hair claw.

We select some of our 7~10.5cm claw clip from our main catalog, we usually design the hair claw length and draw pictures before we cut the acetate sheet, this is necessory for the next steps. We usually upload some common styles of claw clips. We usually have these claw clips in stock and can be sold directly. We also have our own exclusive design styles. There are samples of this style medium hair claw. We can send product effect pictures or video previews to customers, so that you can know more about some of our customized hair claws.

As the welcomed style size hair claw, medium hair claw have been selling well in our store. You can find checkered hair claws, some animal hair claws, classic flower hair claws, vintage hair claws and so on from this page.  Medium hair claw is easy to custom print or engrave logo or some other patterns/letters. This kind of hair clip can hold more hair and is relatively inexpensive, the medium claw clip has always been a compromise choice for women.

Customers often have another concern – about the quality of these hair claw clips. They usually ask how the texture of our medium claw clip is, whether the spring is strong, and whether the connection is firm. Customers often have another concern – about the quality of these jaws. They usually ask how our medium claw clip feels, are the springs strong, and are the connections secure. Well, we have been committed to delivering the best quality products to customers. From factory qualification to product quality inspection, we strictly control every link in the production chain. Our products and factories have also obtained many certificates, such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and so on. We use green and special paint, this can make the medium hair claw looks shiny, and it feels smooth.


About Urrykid's medium hair claws detail?

Urrykid is the professional medium hair claws manufacturer from China. We can produce different size of  hair claws from 7 to 10.5. You can choose different process about the painting like custom loge or printing, also you can have your own idea about hollowing or not, rhinestone’s choice, we can use  the diamonds made in China, Czech diamonds or Swarovski’s.

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