Urrykid & The Las Vegas International Fabric Accessories Exhibition

The largest and most established professional clothing and fabric exposition in the world is the Las Vegas International Clothing and Accessories exposition. It has a more than 70-year history and was founded in 1933.

The most recent expo attracted over 140,000 professional buyers from more than 100 nations and 50 continents to the United States, with 4,000 exhibitors from more than 110 countries, 6,500 brands, and more than 40 participating countries and regions.

The meeting was attended on February 13 by Niko Feng, the CEO of Urrykid Hair Accessories, who brought a variety of brand-new hair accessories and innovative best-selling items.

With samples of unique and lovely hair accessories, environmentally friendly raw materials, high-quality products made in China, quick quotes, and knowledgeable and enthused explanations from the CEO, the booth immediately drew positive reactions.

We gained the goodwill of many business people during the conference as one of the few exporting enterprises for hair accessories that was present at the exhibition.

Numerous businesses contacted Urrykid Hair Accessories after the display and placed purchases.

The Hong Kong Global Sources Quality Life and Fashion Products Exhibition was where Urrykid Hair Accessories first took part.


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