How to Starting a New Hair Clip Business

Hair clip design, trying something new, and understanding some prerequisite content are essential. When you want to start a new Hair Clip Business, the author first raises a few core questions for readers to consider: With what position do you want to enter the hair accessories industry (who is your target audience)? How to stand out among the many hair accessories companies that have been in the industry for a long time? Where does the design inspiration for the product come from (what is the connotation of the product)? What is the story of your hair accessories business (why you started a hair accessories business, original intention)?

In this article, the author, Niko, will talk about how to start a small-scale hair accessory business (online retail) from scratch and the time required. There are also some details, including how to choose hair accessory materials and choose the more popular categories of hair accessory products. How to smoothly connect with hair accessory manufacturers, and some tips to minimize the risks of designing and selling hair accessories. Reading this blog will be of great help to your hair accessory business!

Niko owns Urrykid and Urrykid Retail and is also the general manager of a medium-sized hair accessories company. He has extensive experience in the hair accessories industry.


Independent design

Most online stores specializing in hair accessories have online store styles, such as Jenny Lemons, Maaneasten, and Winona Irene. jenny lemons hair accessoriesThey will design and create based on one or some proposed elements within a certain period, launch a series of new styles as the flagship product, and promote them. Of course, the above examples are all hair accessory companies developed for many years. Considering the limited energy and initial budget, I recommend you design one or two series of unique hair accessories and then Some market currency as a product mix.

We don’t recommend appropriating other people’s designs! This is a bad idea because it is difficult to avoid the legal risks caused by plagiarism, and it leaves a wrong impression on the market.



Pick a target

Just as every gun needs to be aimed at the target, and a ship needs to sail in a direction, what hair accessories are sold to whom is also worth discussing. Many groups of people can be segmented according to different age groups, different color preferences, etc. At this time, product selection is very critical. You can choose the appropriate group of people based on the product you design and create the right product based on the group of people. For example, classic tortoise-colored hair accessories are more prevalent among older women, while the color choices for the younger group are more diverse.

hair accessories small business

Of course, whether you focus on hair accessories for weddings or hair accessories for daily, please match the color tone and text style of the web page! I have analyzed that the colors of many websites are seriously inconsistent with the products I sell (is industrial gray suitable for fashion hair accessories?). Please choose the corresponding fonts and primary colors according to your products. This can improve customers’ perception of you to a certain extent and give them a good impression.


Corporate story

A good business story can resonate with many people. You can write provocative text, such as why you want to create a hair accessory company, maybe because I am a mother of two children. I want to design some mini hair claws with children as the core positioning, which can make most girls Like, for example, your vision is to sell affordable acetate hair accessories to everyone.

little hair essentials

You want everyone to realize that true beauty is self-confidence from the inside out. Your hair accessories company is to help you make you feel good every (from Little Hair Essentials).

The corporate story can be about some of your previous or recent experiences or your expectations for people to become better. Of course, it can also be about more significant wishes, such as improving the environment (acetate is an eco-friendly material. , so you can make environmentally friendly hair accessories) or World Peace (use the Peace Dove as the prototype of the hair accessory design). The most important thing is that the story you tell had better be something that happened to you or something you wish it were. Otherwise, you won’t be able to write a corporate account that is truly empathetic to others.

We highly recommend you write this kind of post because many hair accessories companies make more people aware of their hair accessories companies by promoting their concepts and gaining a lot of fans.


Design/element source

Maanesten, who is from Denmark, is deeply influenced by Norse mythology. The shape, name, and product details of Maanesten hair accessories are mostly taken from characters or related images that appear in mythology. maanesten hair accessories namesIt has a mysterious artistic atmosphere and combines modern fashion elements. At the same time, Maanesten hair accessory manufacturer’s exquisite production technology also makes People deeply impressed; the beautiful hair clips of various dragonflies and butterflies are lifelike, the shiny rhinestones almost cover the surface, and their butterfly claw clips also maintain a consistent style. Such a unique product range has earned them widespread praise and love in the Danish market.

Another example I would give is the American Farm Company from the United States. The farm culture inspires their hair accessories with American characteristics. Poultry and crops can be used as elements in their hair accessories design. Many customers also love this unique farm style. I want to give these two examples to illustrate one thing: please treat your design with care, and you will eventually find some like-minded people!


Contact a hair accessory supplier (reliable!)

The product design is ready. Now, you need to find a reliable hair accessory supplier. So, how do you choose the right supplier? First of all, I strongly do not recommend choosing a hair accessories vendor operating on the platform because they will reflect part of their store’s operating costs in the product quotation, which will directly affect the final authority given to you. I would recommend a hair accessories supplier that has its website. The quote is relatively free, the minimum order quantity is negotiable, and the price can be bargained appropriately. What? Are you worried that the hair accessory manufacturers on the website are not qualified enough? Please check the relevant qualifications before choosing, such as necessary certificates (BSCI ISO RoHS), production process strict quality inspection, etc.

A stable supply chain is an essential foundation for business management, so you can first select multiple suppliers and then decide based on their order scheduling, shipping efficiency, service level, sample details, and other details. Finally, based on the big picture, Use the defective rate and cost as criteria to judge the most cost-effective hair accessory factory (or 2 of them), and by continuing to cooperate with them, you can obtain stable and high-quality suppliers and continuous discount quotations.


Build your hair accessories online store

After doing all the preparatory work, we can finally start building our online store! I recommend using Shopify as your editing backend because it is so convenient!shopify hair accessory shop You only need to purchase a suitable template and fill in your basic information, products, and supporting copy content in different modules. You can also set some preferential measures on Shopify to help you calculate pricing. Depending on the cost-price difference, subsequent new products can be uploaded according to the template of the first product. You only need to update your content constantly.

Whether it is product information or company information, the more comprehensive the better. The platform also provides a plug-in market. You can find many plug-ins that optimize loading speed and provide online store data analysis sources. They can help you better manage your hair accessory website. It can be said that Shopify is the best choice for small hair accessories companies.


Create social media channel

One way to consolidate your fan base is to insist on operating your social media accounts. Many people worldwide, especially young people and some business people, are active on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. OIPYou can promote your unique hair accessories by posting product demonstration videos and adding tags. You can also ask fans for their likes. Which of your designs or styles do you want to design? Of course, you can also post some hand-made and daily-shot videos. Try to make your content exciting and friendly because you must continue accumulating fans and communicating with them—exchanging opinions. Fans you obtain from other channels can also be directed to social media accounts. Please tell them that new products in your store will be released on social media accounts simultaneously. This can promote traffic flow to the website and social media accounts. Shopify has small icons specially designed to insert links to social media homepages. Social media homepages can also display your website links or collect and display all your connections through Linktree.


Customized hair accessories

The 7 points mentioned above about setting up your own hair accessory business. I believe you have gained some relevant knowledge. The last and most crucial point is information I want to share with you as a hair accessory manufacturer manager. We often receive unique hair accessory designs from customers, which are great! However, we have noticed that many customers only pay attention to the uniqueness of their plans at the expense of practicality. For example, some acetate claw clip samples cannot hold too much hair, and some hair accessories are designed with independent lines and are easy to break. The probability of after-sales service will significantly increase, packaging will also become difficult, and consumers will not particularly like fragile hair accessories. Therefore, before making finished products (samples), our design team will review the customer’s drawings and propose professional modification opinions. Make practical changes while maintaining the original design or pattern to the greatest extent. We will notify you in advance about this. As a professional custom hair accessory manufacturer, Urrykid Hair Accessories is committed to providing high-quality acetate hair accessories and high-quality hair accessories. We hope to have long-term strategic cooperation with you to help your hair accessories business grow.



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