Hot sale style hair accessories sample making

Our new round of sample production plans for hot-selling hair accessories has begun! We found several popular acetate hair clips from Google trends. They have unique shapes and patterns, but these little things have become so common, right? That’s why we’re launching a new campaign: Color Change Everything


shell barretteShell barrettes are often worn on girls’ heads as a unique beach-style hair accessory. They can often be seen on holiday beaches and on everyday streets. Naturally we will not miss this opportunity. We collected pictures of the best-selling shell hair clips from Amazon and other big brand websites and combined them with the designs used in previous orders to create a new batch of shell hair clips and hair barrettes.

We noticed that most of the shell barrettes they sell use pure white or a marble-like color as the base color to achieve a moonshell-like appearance. This has been going on for a long time. We wanted to break out of that routine by using acetate panels with different mottled patterns, maybe our new colors would bring a pop of color. Unique shell hair clip photo credit: Sophie Buhai.


bow claw clipThen there are bow hair clips. Bow-related accessories have become very popular recently, which is inseparable from the gradual rise of modern trends and retro fashion. Bows were previously popular as cloth hair accessories in the 1960s, but now this classic and playful accessory has reappeared in the public eye after years of baptism. The classic tortoiseshell color and blue-purple + marble color combination acetate board is used as the raw material. Different colors can bring unique visual experiences.



Finally, I recommend to you the latest flat claw clip and French barrette! We’ll be making them out of deep sea turquoise sheets. The flat clip claw is inspired by teleties, a claw clip that allows you to lean back comfortably on a pillow or sofa, while the high-quality acetate material we use keeps hair in its natural state and is easy to adjust to fit. Different scene needs. The French barrette is one of the most enduring hair accessories. brown tortoise french barretteThe oval shape is elegant and elegant, and the spring clip structure at the bottom ensures the hair holding effect. France can be said to be the birthplace of luxury goods. This barrette is simple in craftsmanship and highly practical. This is why we choose to bring it to customers. We hope to convey a value of beauty and practicality through the use of different colors Acetate material is used to highlight the inclusiveness and unlimited possibilities of the French barrette.


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