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Urrykid Hair Slide and Hair Pin

A hair pin is a small hair accessory often used to clip bangs. This kind of hair pin does not require complicated processes, such as hollowing out. We only need to calculate the engraving route of the engraving machine to cut out many acetate sheets to install on the metal bottom clip.

In fact, our minimum order quantity depends largely on the loss (data) of a single plate. We try to use all available space on a single acetate plate to cut out the acetate sheets required for the order, which saves production time. At the same time, it also saves customers a lot of money. This is a win-win situation that we are very happy to see. Therefore, the MOQ 100pcs for hair pins we set is the consumption of about one and a half to two sheets after our calculation.

The copywriting is all hand-typed. If you have any questions, please email us or leave a message on crisp.

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