Do claw clip damage hair?

Oh, that’s a good question! As a professional acetate claw clip manufacturer, I can tell you responsibly that this problem has much to do with the material and how it is worn.


Plastic, for example, is a very fragile material from which to make claw clips. It can’t grab much hair because it has a brittle texture and breaks easily. Of course, here we mainly discuss whether plastic claw clips harm hair. We are very familiar with the production process of plastic hair accessories: pour hot melt plastic into a claw clip-shaped mold, and after it cools, remove a full version of claw clips from the mold. Next and finally, separate the claw clips from the connecting board one by one. The problem with plastic claw clips is that the mold will reserve a little space in each pit for heat dissipation. This design extends the mold’s service life, but it also causes the plastic to flow into the gaps, which will appear after the claw clips cool down. Sharp burrs will not only reduce the use experience (scratching hands) but also cause hair to be cut after rubbing against the gripper. This is why we are not willing to make plastic hair accessories. We prefer to provide every woman with high-quality supplements that do not harm hair.

Another example is alloy. Alloy is a rigid mixed material. Hair accessories made from them are not easy to deform. However, the metal claw clip will hold the hair very firmly under the torsion of the spring, which is very important for hair quality. It is unfortunate for women who are slightly stiffer as it makes your hair unnatural and uncomfortable and pulls on the roots. And it isn’t enjoyable. The metal claw clip can easily get tangled in your hair when you take it off after wearing it for a long time. Pulling it will cause you pain!

To avoid damage to the hair and take into account the wearing experience, a furry claw clip was invented on the market, and everyone named it the fuzzy claw clip (why fuzzy??). This claw clip is usually paired with metal or plastic “claws,” but it is tough to clean.


My female colleagues often discuss how they wear their hair. This way, that way, and then that way to put your hair up, and finally clip it with a claw clip, and you’re done. As a man, I have no say in this, but before using claw clips to match your hair, it’s best to take a look at TikTok or Instagram hair bloggers; they will often teach you how to do it in different ways quickly and perfectly Doing your hair and wearing claw clips will go a lot faster than researching it on your own.



The above is my rough answer to this question. The shape and grip of the teeth are also significant influencing factors. The teeth of the original metal claw clip are fragile and can easily cut fine hair. The gripping power of the claw clip is also a point worth paying attention to. Maintaining a hairstyle for a long time will cause the fragile hair to break, so when buying claw clips in boutiques or online stores, please do not be too obsessed with the gripping power of the claw clip. Discuss with your hair.

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