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Bird Hair Clip – Urrykid’s acetate bird shape products collection page. There are some bird claw clips, bird brooches, and so on. Our design team used the bird as the main element and drew many line drawings of different styles of birds. We took the bird as the main element and drew line drawings of different styles of birds. We made some suitable bird hair clip samples according to the size of the line draft, and these designs are very popular among our customers.

The bird hair clip can be divided into two parts, the bird-shaped acetate piece and the metal bottom clip on the back. The bottom clip is usually gold or silver, and it becomes shiny with the electroplating process. So far, our design team has released two very distinctive bird hair clips – they look a bit fat. If you have your own design about a bird, you can also send us and we can make it a sample.

Acetate is our main material for hair accessories. This material will be more glossy after spraying with our special paint, and the paint protection layer can avoid the impact of some harsh environments. As a popular material in the hair accessory industry, acetate has more advantages, such as its excellent light transmission and plasticity after treatment, it’s also eco-friendly and it can be made in many different styles & patterns. We have over 1000 acetate color choices for you to select, welcome to download our sample acetate cards from this page➡.

What is your Bird Hair Clip's minimum order quatity?

Our minimum order quatity is about 50pcs per color(only for hair clips and claw clips), and the minimum order quantity of other acetate hair accessories depends on the size of our plate, the size of the hair accessories and the color of the purchase.

What logistics channel is generally used, and how long is the delivery time?

We can use land, sea, air as the shipping channel. We work closely with DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. to ensure fast delivery. Of course, we also have a complete set of customized transportation processes, from the customization of the packaging of the hair accessories to the customization of the transportation route. We guarantee the professionalism and safety of the transportation channel.

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