Are claw clips professional?

Claw Clips are now very much integrated into women’s daily lives, whether it’s while watching TV or traveling outdoors. At this point, someone may have a whim, maybe I can wear it when I go to work? Overall, the author is completely 100% approved!


This is not unfounded. The ladies in our office often wear claw clips to work, because they often need to work with customers, and they often need to show good mental state and competent professionalism. Joan Holloway, portrayed by Christina Hendricks in “Mad Men”, she wears various accessories such as claw clips in the play, which adds a lot of points to her beauty and confidence. We have to admit that the claw clip brought about not only a change in appearance, but also a silent declaration of sovereignty in many male-dominated situations. After all, in most cases, there is no difference between women and men with their hair coiled, and working women with the same content may do better.


So is Claw Clip professional? The answer is yes, as long as the colors and shapes are not overly ostentatious. For example, in the office and meetings, these times do not need you to control the atmosphere and rhythm, or catch the attention of others, our dark squares and rectangular claw clip are very suitable, it is both practical and simple, and belongs to the more classic auxiliary equipment in the business department.

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