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Welcome to the category page for our incredible assortment of acetate animal hair clips. These hair accessories are incredibly distinctive, with endearing and fantastical animal motifs that give any haircut a little more magic. Because they are made of high-quality acetate, these hair clips are not only stylish but also long-lasting.

Our hair clips’ low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 50 units per color is one of their most notable advantages. As a result, you are free to combine various animal shapes and designs, showcasing your creativity and giving your consumers a wide range of options.

We are really proud of the outstanding quality of our hair clips. Each one is made from a flexible and long-lasting material called acetate, which guarantees a firm grip while preserving a fashionable appearance. Our clips are both functional and fashionable because they are made to survive regular use and work with all hair types.

Our hair clips are made by acetate/acrylic which are the great quality and environment friendly materials. They are both the favored material in the hair accessory industry. In keeping with our dedication to sustainability, we employ biodegradable acetate material that has a low impact on the environment. A combination of PLA (polylactic acid) and PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate) is also used in our packaging to ensure that your clients receive their hair clips safely while causing the least amount of environmental impact possible.

At Urrykid Hair Accessories, we provide individualized bespoke services that let you design eye-catching animal hair clips that are catered to your particular needs. Any pattern, animal shape, or color you have in mind can be realized by our talented artisans. By adding a personal touch, you distinguish yourself from the competition and can provide distinctive and individualized hair accessories.

We frequently add new patterns and designs to our animal collection page of acetate hair clips in order to stay on the top of the most recent fashions. This guarantees that you can constantly provide your clients the sexiest and most in-demand hair accessories, enticing them to buy more from you.

With our excellent acetate animal hair clips, you may enhance the hairstyles of your clients. These clips are the best option for people who care about fashion and sustainability because of its cheap MOQ, excellent quality, and eco-friendly materials. Start looking through our inventory right away to find the ideal hairpiece that blends originality, robustness, and customization.

About Urrykid Hair Accessories's hair claws detail?

Urrykid Hair Accessories is the professional hair claws manufacturer from China. We can produce different size of  hair claws from 2.5 to 13. You can choose different process about the painting like custom loge or printing, also you can have your own idea about hollowing or not, rhinestone’s choice, we can use  the diamonds made in China, Czech diamonds or Swarovski’s.

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