Acetate hair claw vs plastic hair claw

On the hair accessory market, acetate and plastic are the two most popular raw materials, and claw clips made of these two materials are frequently used to secure hair. The two are different in the following ways:


  1. Substance

Cellulose, the primary constituent of acetate, is typically generated from renewable resources like cotton or wood pulp. It is preferred because it is more durable and of higher quality than regular plastic.

Most plastic hair clips are made of several kinds of synthetic polymers. Depending on the type of plastic used, quality can vary substantially.


  1. Aesthetics

Because of their refined and opulent appearance, acetate hair clips are popular. They frequently have a more sophisticated and refined appearance and can be found in a range of colors and designs.

Plastic hair claws come in a range of patterns, hues, and aesthetics. They can be more adaptable and available in both straightforward and intricate patterns.


  1. Resilience

Acetate is typically stronger and more abrasion-resistant than some types of plastic. Regular use reduces the likelihood of cracking or breaking.

Depending on the type of plastic used, plastic hair clippers may last longer or shorter. Cheaper plastic hair claws could crack more readily or age more quickly.


  1. Comfort

In Urrykid’s hair accessories factory, the semi-finished corners of the claw clips will become blunt and the surface will become smooth, and it will become more shiny and comfortable to wear after finishing the finished product.

The manufacturing process of some plastic claws is rough, and because the plastic itself is thermally unstable, it cannot be separated from the mold at high temperatures. Cooling to low temperature and demoulding will result in sharp edges or rough surfaces of the claw clip, which makes the user experience poor.


  1. Price

Due to the higher quality material, more complex manufacturing process, and more distinctive and upmarket designs, acetate hair clips typically cost more.

Typically, plastic hair claws are more affordable and accessible.


  1. Situations

Acetate barrettes are frequently chosen for more formal or fashionable settings due to their premium appearance.

Plastic claw clips have extremely few uses because of their shoddy manufacturing, which gives them a strong impression of cheapness. They are also rarely worn at formal events but can be worn during free time.


Acetate and plastic hair claws each have their own benefits and drawbacks. Since acetate claw clips are typically chosen for their elegance and durability, making them suited for most events, as well as the ease with which additional fashion components can be added and with which they can be customized, they are very well-liked by customers and are well-known. The only drawback is that custom-made acetate claw clips will cost more. Environmentally friendly materials, no harm to hair. Although the plastic claw clip is less expensive, people eventually stop wearing it since the plastic is bad for the body and is not appropriate for regular usage. Visit our hair claw catalog→


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