5 Acetate Hair accessories Manufacturing Companies You Need to Pay Attention to in The Coming 2024

2023 is coming to an end and we are about to usher in a new year. Are you looking for a high-quality acetate hair accessories factory? Or are you looking for a long-term and stable acetate hair accessories production supplier? We will list below five suppliers of acetate hair accessories with great qualifications, good reputations, and high quality.

What? Is your acetate hair accessories business just getting started? Maybe you should read our previous post so that you can understand what is acetate and what are the advantages of acetate before entering the acetate hair accessories business.


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Urrykid Hair Accessories


UHA is a supplier specializing in the export, wholesale, and customization of unique acetate hair accessories. You can even come in with just an idea and seek to create an exclusive new model, as Urrykid has its own design team who do an excellent job of capturing your inspiration and making it real. So why choose us?


Our amazingly detailed color card library and efficient factory are also our strengths. Are you worried about not being able to catch up with the release date of new acetate hair accessories? We have a factory with a production efficiency that is 5% to 10% ahead of our peers. We also have an amazing amount of acetic acid material storage warehouses. We guarantee that we can help your acetic acid hair accessories shine at specific festivals or conferences.


When it comes to quality control, our double guarantee of quality control + third-party testing is your most trustworthy. We always sell our high-quality hair accessories to different markets and receive much praise.


It has been eight years since the company was established. We are far ahead of our peers and have long-term customization relationships with many huge brands. At the same time, we also provide low-minimum order services to small businesses.




As a foreign trade company with many years of experience in the acetate hair accessories industry, YIYI obviously has excellent qualifications in the industry. You can find a large number of product catalogs on its website, and each product has detailed sample pictures and basic attribute introductions.


You can also find a large number of demonstration videos of acetic acid hair accessories and production videos of hair accessories factories on their social media accounts. Its social media account has recently been transformed into a short video account. The company is showing a large number of clips of goods production, some company team building scenes, and the moments of packaging and delivery, which also illustrates the strength of the company.


YIYI also provides wholesale and customized acetate hair accessories services. In addition, it also makes wholesale acrylic hair accessories. On this basis, they also proposed rapid sample production services, thanks to their newly established sample production studio in 2023.




In addition to YIYI and UHA, Xinmei Ornaments CO., LTD is also a powerful supplier of acetate hair accessories. Before they engaged in foreign trade, they mainly supplied acetic acid hair accessories in China, and they have already had a development history of ten years. They sell on Ali International Station, and they advocate OEM and ODM customized services.

On their official website, you can find a lot of acetate hair accessories products made of rare colors or patterns, because Xinmei hair accessories owns an acetate plate production and processing factory, which is also the basis for their multi-color customization, and they can independently design or support some Patterns from other companies are designed and applied to the panels, which has enabled them to obtain many orders from international brands. At the same time, the “astonishingly low” price of their acetic acid hair accessories is also one of their competitive advantages. The more orders customers place, the lower the purchase unit price of the products will be.

(Xinmei, Dowell, and Yujingling are all foreign trade companies that use Ali International Station as their sales platform)




Dowell is also a major supplier of acetate and acrylic hair accessories. Unlike other stores, it has a wide variety of acetate hair accessories in headbands, hairpins, combs, and other categories. In contrast, acetate claw clips have fewer product types than other stores, even though acetate claw clips are very popular at the moment.

Dowell’s website states that it has more than 500 acetate hair accessories in reserve in its warehouse for direct sale. It is worth noting that the service life of acetate hair accessories parts is limited. If you buy the stock model in their store, please Check product quality carefully to prevent losses caused by quality problems.




Yujingling Industry and Trade CO., Ltd is located in Nanchang City. It ranks among the top three in the most popular claw clip list on Ali International Station. This shows that the sales of its ordinary-style claw clips are generally good. However, the performance on the customization end is not good. Currently, it can only produce lightweight customization based on samples, such as logo customization.

In addition, we have also found some acetic acid hair accessories manufacturers in other places for you to choose from. However, before referring to the acetic acid hair accessories suppliers mentioned in this article, please understand that the acetic acid material itself brings financial costs and batch production of finished products. Factors such as time, cost, and advanced technology determine that choosing an acetate hair accessories production supplier in China is your first choice. Especially in Yiwu, Zhejiang, the area has formed a complete export industry chain of raw material processing plants + manufacturing plants + packaging workshops + online stores and is well known to the world. Even Chunks, a well-known acetate hair accessories retailer, directly identifies its origin on the homepage of its official website.


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Pollux enterprise is a supply intermediary. After receiving foreign orders, they will select and contact high-quality factories in mainland China, commission production, and ship to the customer’s location. Its product categories include not only acetate hair accessories but also hair accessories made of other materials, such as metal jewelry and plastic jewelry. However, the delivery time is a point worth noting. High-quality manufacturers generally have their own fixed supply companies or have orders from other sales channels. Orders from foreign customers may be ranked very low, and the long delivery time may make you unable to catch an upcoming festival or trade show.



Parcelonaclips is a French-based manufacturer and supplier of acetate hair accessories. Its website provides retail and wholesale services for acetate hair accessories. You can clearly see the unit price of the product from its website, but it does not display more information about wholesale, and it seems that the website has not updated new models for a while.



This article advocates choosing Chinese hair accessories manufacturers to enhance your hair accessories business. There are many suppliers of acetate hair accessories around the world. The companies I listed above may be able to help you choose a reliable and suitable supplier to strengthen your supply chain. They all have some common characteristics, such as various certificates, such as the number of people in the factory and the number of machines. These can also be used as indicators for you to refer to acetate hair accessories factories, which can greatly guarantee your purchasing experience and service experience.

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